Dam Development

Slowly, but surely information will be added to this page.  Starting with the flood of 2000 moving forward.

Our latest dam inspection was August 2014 and we are still high hazard (shocker).  The water quality proves to be in normal range.

The Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) Dam Safety & Flood Control loan funding application deadline was August 2012.  This would be a 2% loan over the next 20 years.   Our DEP application was approved May 2013.

Funding is currently subject to passage of an appropriation bill.  The NJ State Senate has passed bill number S1649.  The identical bill in the Assembly is A3229.  Upon passage of identical bills by both the Senate and the Assembly and signature by the Governor, the DEP will be in a position to develop loan agreements.

9/15/2014 Passed by the Assembly (80-0-0)
9/15/2014 Received in the Senate, 2nd Reading on Concurrence
9/22/2014 Passed Senate (Passed Both Houses) (38-0)

So… looks like Governor Christie has to sign the bill then I have no idea what the process is, but it is getting closer.   Lake Winona has been waiting 14 years for something to aspire.