Beach Rules & By-Laws

•Only members are allowed on LWCA grounds, unless invited. Members must accompany their guests. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Anyone eligible for Membership under the LWCA By-Laws cannot be a guest of a Member.

•All non-Members will be asked to leave the property immediately. If this becomes a problem the local authorities will be contacted.

•Abusive language or offensive behavior will not be tolerated from anyone.

•There is no lifeguard on duty. It is the Member’s responsibility to keep all family members and guests from going into the water. Swim at your own risk. LWCA is not responsible for swimmers.

•Any boats, inflatable or otherwise, must be used at your own risk. Members’ boats may be docked in the designated area on the LWCA grounds. When not in use the boat must be turned upside down, chained and locked. Its oars should not be left with the boat.

•No children under the age of 10 are allowed anywhere on LWCA property unless accompanied by an adult. Parents are responsible for watching their children and must supervise them at all times.

•All Members are responsible for keeping the LWCA facilities clean and neat. No glass bottles or containers are allowed on LWCA property. Trashcans are provided for litter disposal. Do not put cigarettes or litter in the water or sand. Please clean the area after using.

•Except during LWCA functions, no alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted on LWCA property.

•Except in the parking lot, no motorized vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles are allowed anywhere on LWCA property.

•Failure to comply with these rules may result in revocation of Membership.

Please Remember: This is Your Home. Protect it. Keep it Clean and Safe.

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