Types of Membership:

“Voting” membership is limited to owners of real estate within the Lake Winona Reservation who have paid all required fees, currently $165 due January every year.

“Associate” membership is a non-voting membership available to tenants of real estate located within the Lake Winona Reservation. All required fees must be paid.

“Non-resident” is a non-voting membership by vote of the Board of Directors. Memberships may be extended to family households in the vicinity of the Lake Winona Reservation. An annual fee is required.

The membership year begins January 1st and expires December 31st, the same calendar year. All fees must be paid in full before membership privileges and rights can be granted.

We depend on people willing to contribute their time and support to our projects to ensure the grounds surrounding Lake Winona stay clean and safe. For our continued survival we depend upon payment of your lake rights and neighborhood participation. LWCA Members have the use of the facilities for private parties, picnicking, basketball and for enjoying the beach and playground.

The Lake Winona Civic Association is important for the vitality and uniqueness of this neighborhood. Because we are a small community we need everyone to pitch in and help. The LWCA will not be able to be rehabilitated without your participation. This year please join us.