Spring Has (finally) Sprung!

As this is being written the weatherman is promising temperatures above 60° and although rain is also forecast, we are thrilled! It’s finally time to put the winter boots away and get out the work boots (or maybe galoshes) for some Spring Cleaning. Ohhh. . . c’mon, it’ll be fun, no kidding.)

Very soon work will resume on the construction of our clubhouse deck, aka “Charlie’s Vision”. Vice President (and amazing carpenter/craftsman) Jeff Huckle is leading the project, but he can’t do it alone. Please lend a hand in your community, let’s get this deck built. Imagine a beautiful summer night on the deck. . . next to the lake. . . listening to the bullfrogs and night noises. . . beats sitting on the couch watching another episode of Guy’s Grocery Games. Let’s try it, and see!

And finally, news on the Dam: there is a meeting with Trenton officials coming up in the next couple of weeks on the rebuilding of the Dam. We must get the loan agreement co-signed by the Township of Jefferson in order for the money to be appropriated. It’s a slow process but we are making progress. Fortunately, the water quality is normal and clean.

If you are interested in what’s going on in your neighborhood, look for the Contact Us tab at the top of the page. Give us a call, drop us a line, or just stop by. You’ll be glad you did.